As a flower farmer, it's less about growing flowers and more about creating an environment where flowers can grow.

Everything at North Star is gently grown without the use of harmful chemicals. When soil amendments are needed we turn to cover crops and creating as much biodiversity in our soil as possible by moving our crops each growing season. We do have season that call for the use of fertilizers or the addition of organic matter, and in these cases we use organic and natural products. 

Getting the high tunnel up in '23
The upper section of the flower field just before heavy snowfall
Spraying compost tea on freshly planted hardy annuals
Zinnias tucked into a low tunnel
Tulip bulbs planted in crates and forced in the high tunnel for early harvest
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Being a steward of the land

If you are in an industry or profession that calls you to be a steward of the land, you are responsible for the health and resiliency of that land not only in your lifetime, but the lifetime to follow.
I have invested more time, energy and money into building healthy soil than everything else in my operation combined. Over the past few years, the soil here has improved exponentially. You can read it in the lab results, see it in the flowers, and smell it when you dig into the dirt. Growing flowers is more about giving back, feeding pollinators, and supporting a natural ecosystem than it is about enjoying the flowers themselves.
My favorite day of the year is early in the spring when field prep begins before planting. It’s that first day I feel everything shift going into the growing season and the air and soil are electric. I’ve learned that the true value in what I do is the contribution I make back to the land and in exchange I am rewarded with beautiful flowers. Without that regeneration, I don’t think I would find as much fulfillment in doing what I do.
The high tunnel during our first cold snap of '24
Deanna cleaning zinnia seed
Boots and overalls, ready to get to work
Digging dahlias in the snow
Volunteer soil amendments from next door - ha ha!
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Be determined and decisive. Have courage in the face of failure. Keep your spirit, and get creative in finding solutions.


Cherish nature’s life cycle from beginning to end and embrace the inevitable that things will change.


Grown in harmony with nature. There’s a rhythm to our seasons and no battle that can be won by trying to control it.

Growing Dahlias

Dahlia – Tyrell Dahlias are one of my favorite flowers to grow in the field and they’re gaining popularity fast

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“If you will just sit still and shut up and pay attention, nature will tell you everything you need to know. She will provide you with everything you need to make your farm work. Nature knows everything, forgets nothing, and bats last.” – Will Harris

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