Rooted In the Heart of the Mountains


From the southernmost reach of the Selkirk Mountains, Deanna Williams shares her bond with the wilderness through growing a field of cut flowers that is brimming to the edges with dozens of varieties and bursts of every color.


She is dedicated to growing with the seasons and investing in the land to create an environment that supports the healthy growth of flower crops. Her belief in giving back, feeding pollinators, and supporting a natural ecosystem supports a resilient habitat that continually offers a reward in the form of beautiful flowers. 


Growing is her passion, but floristry is her craft. She arranges with touches of timelessness and inspiration echoed from nature through wisping stems and vibrant textures. Flowers tell the story of the wild’s beauty and she believes that any opportunity help share that story is nothing shy of a blessing.


Pend Oreille County

Set in the Selkirk Mountains of the Inland Northwest, the fields of North Star Farm + Flower are always reflecting the seasons of nature.

Our mission is simple: to share the captivating beauty of the wild through our sustainably grown flowers.

Farming is a profession of hope.

And your best bet at being rewarded with a healthy crop is through the contributions you make back to your land.

v a l u e s


Be determined and decisive. Have courage in the face of failure, keep your spirit, and get creative in finding solutions.


Cherish nature’s life cycle from beginning to end and embrace the inevitable that things will change.


Grow in harmony with nature. There’s a rhythm to our seasons and no battle that can be won by trying to control it.

Floral Design


By Nature

Tending to the field at North Star offers the opportunity to see each flower growing in nature and allows us to bring that inspiration and free-form beauty into our designs.


We hope that when you receive  your flowers you find their timeless enchantment and hints of wilderness that we see in them throughout the growing season and into harvest.



Floral Design Offerings:


  • Weddings
  • Events
  • Stylings + Photo Shoots
  • Field Bouquets and arrangements for everyday enjoyment
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